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The Asbury Park Press Spur


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This head-long shot shows the main line of the NJ Transit, with the small yard previously used for boxcar storage on the left. Today, the NJ Transit still uses the yard to store maintenance-of-way equipment. The spur headed off to the right and crossed Memorial Drive. Photo by Eric Kreszl, March 2009.

This short spur (0.10 miles) once served the Asbury Park Press in Bradley Beach, NJ. The plant was located across Memorial Drive from New Jersey Transit's North Jersey Coast Line; the spur crossed Memorial Drive to reach the press. They accepted 1 to 2 boxcars a week, delivered by Conrail. To accommodate empty boxcars that were not immediately needed, a small yard adjacent to the North Jersey Coast Line was built and maintained by Conrail.

Asbury Park Press relocated to Freehold, NJ, in the early 1990s, prompting Conrail to abandoned the spur. Its crossing with Memorial Drive was soon paved over.

There is some evidence of the spur remaining today. The rails adjacent to Memorial Drive are still there, along with the paved-over grade crossing and the railroad crossing pavement markings on Memorial Drive. In addition, the small yard is still in use — NJ Transit stores maintenance-of-way cars there temporarily when track work is being performed in the area.

Thanks to Eric Kreszl for contributing information about this route.

I believe this spur was actually built when memorial drive was widened. The spur actually was built was a produce distributer and mech refrigerator cars were seen 2 or 3 at a time. The Press Building was actually in west Neptune for printing. The current Freehold plant used to be 3M magnetic tape.



I lived in Asbury Park for a year and a half back in 1969 to 1970 when I was stationed at Fort Monmouth. I remember the drive I use to take when leaving post at night. Meandered to Ocean Ave through Deal at "precisely 25MPH" and came into Asbury. I lived on 5th Ave across Sunset Park and about 4 blocks from the boardwalk. I use to go to there quite often and enjoyed it tremendously. Especially, back then, they had fireworks every Friday Night. Does Ocean Grove still a ban car traffic ban on weekends? I did get a chance to ride the train, BR&W from Flemington to Ringos a few times. I would at times venture down to the depot, which I thought it was on 5th Ave one block west of Main St, and watch the commuter trains, both north and south bound either Central Jersey Railroad of New Jersey Central Railroad. I know a lot of things change in 46 years, but I'm still curious.


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