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The passenger depot in Ardmore still stands today alongside a former and relocated right-of-way. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2011.

This line was built by the Saint Louis and San Francisco Railroad (the "Frisco"), and was purchased by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in the 1920s. The AT&SF filed for abandonment of the line in 1973.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: AB-52 Sub 2 Date: 2/16/1973 Section: 1(18)
App. for auth. to aband. a line of rr, from MP 3 about 5 mi. west of Ardmore, Carter County, to MP 29*5180 ft. at Ringling, Jefferson County, approx, 25 mi., and a line extdg. from MPO at Cabalt Jct., Carter County, to MP 5*5147 ft, at Healdton, approx, 6 mi., an overall total of approx, 31 mi., all in Oklahoma.
Length: 31 miles Citation:  
Also under this filing: Cobalt Junction to Healdton   

the now end of the line is at kings road and 12th street

this is a nice way to say this old track is my old play ground when is was a kid I now live just north of the end of the track . This line ment once everyday the train went out to ringling and late in the day back to ardmore with new oil from the west part of the county sometime logs cut for the lumberyard localy ,NOW what is left of the line is used for the tire plant hope this might shed some light on the old part of history. kj

kendall johnson
ardmore, OK


Info on this line's construction is incorrect. The line was originally constructed as the Oklahoma, New Mexico & Pacific by Jake Hamon, John Ringling and other Ardmore and southern Oklahoma oil interest. The Frisco never owned it.

Steve Goen
Wichita Falls, TX


This line was constructed by John Ringling, Jake Hamon & other business men as the OKLAHOMA, NEW MEXICO & PACIFIC RAILROAD. It was purchased by the Santa Fe Railroad circa 1926. The last train over the line was on Oct 31, 1976. By 1979 all rails had been removed except for a short section used by the Uniroyal/Michelin Tire Plant west of Ardmore.

C. Dwane Stevens
Healdton / Ardmore, OK


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