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The Annapolis and Elkridge Railroad


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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: AB 19 Sub 55F Date: 2/20/1981 Section: 1a
Length: 5.35 miles Citation:  

I've read that the area of Annapolis Junction is so called because it was the junction of two railoads, The B&O Railroad and The Elkridge and Annapolis Railroad, that connected to Annapolis. Also the name The Elkridge and Annapolis Railroad was so named because the original plans called for the railroad to connect with The B&O Railroad further north in Elkridge MD, close to The Thomas Viaduct in Relay MD. The wye at Annapolis Junction is still in use today being used by, they say, a cement company. Looks more like a gravel company.

Patrick W. Miller
Baltimore, MD


I also found information on the history of Fort Meade, where the Annapolis and Elkridge Railroad had a yard within the perimeter of Fort Meade for their use. I have only seen one track diagram of this. And have found no other proof of this. Does any have further proof of this yard?

Patrick W. Miller
Baltimore, MD


I have a USGS 1/50,000 map of Fort Meade printed in the 1970's (have to dig it out of my old Army stuff) that shows a yard on the eastern edge of the fort right about where 32 joins with 175 (maybe a mile back from that intersection). There were also several sidings near that yard and one or two on the western side of the Fort near 295 as well. I also remember seeing the tracks from when I was a kid (and from when I was there in the Army in the 1985-1988 time frame)and the maps and my memories are pretty similar. I went back to Meade in 2005 to see what was left of the tracks and not too much remains. There was something akin to a switch tower/yard office right where the yards used to be, but the current occupants had no idea as to what it used to be. The warhouses that were there, however, line up perfectly with the alignment of the old yard and gave a good idea of what operations were like.

Mike Morris
Baltimore, MD


Also, if you look at mapquest and use the satellite button, you can see the warehouses (running east to west) along 32 as 32 joins 175. You can also see the "cut" through the trees extending to the east where the old right of way went into Odenton. The tracks crossing Piney Branch Road and 175 into the old Nevamar plant are just visible. On the west side of 295 and just south of 32, you can see the gravel loading/unloading tracks and the "y"/wye track where it joins CSX. Somewhere in this section are the remains of the Civil War era stone bridge supports.

Mike Morris
Baltimore, MD


My parents own property along the A&E Railroad Bed which parralels Millesville Road between the Millersville Stations and Arundel Station. Their Deed states that they own to the middle of the right of way. The County states that this is incorrect, the State / County owns the right of way. Does anyone have any information on who actually owns the abandoned right of way?

Sherri Butler
Millersville, MD


Sherri: you might ask Patrick Kelly, a local historian located in Millersville- you can reach him through forums at the Delmarva and Washington D.C.Railfan forum under My new preservation work on the WB&A in Millersville

Bruce Townsend
Hyattsville, MD


As an Army Reservist drilling on weekends at Fort Meade in the late 1970s, I saw the line within the post when it was still intact. Close to the Amtrak (ex-PRR) interchange on the east side of the post there was a US Army GE 80-ton centercab numbered 1684 parked with an Army box car and flat car. The track was in poor shape and the line appeared to be on its last legs. I suspect the portion of the line running through the post, between Annapolis Junction and Odenton, was operated by the Army at this point.

On a return visit in September 1990 I noticed most of the track was gone and only bare right-of-way remained. Four or five years ago I visited the post and spoke to an employee in the former railway station on post, located in the warehouse area, and he acknowledged it had once been a railway station when the post railway was in operation. He said the track had been pulled up by a reserve component (Guard or Reserve) Army engineer unit as part of its two-week annual training one summer, but there are still stretches of derelict rails intact. Apparently the unit didn't have enough time to get them all and the post hasn't pursued complete removal.

The locomotive, USA 1684, was seen in transit on its own wheels en route to Baltimore in December 1982, which can be considered the end of operations on the line. Later the locomotive was assigned to McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, OK.

A history of the line's operation and its then-current activities appeared in the post newspaper on July 25, 1974.

Tim Moriarty
Herndon, VA


I am a portrait photographer looking for unused rail tracks in the ellicott city/elkridge area for photographing on. Can anyone provide details of locations in the area where track exists that is not used for traffic? Thanks!

Randy Soop
Ellicott City, MD


@Randy Soop, there is some abandoned remains of the A&E rail here in Odenton, not sure about Ellicott City though.

Scott MacDonald
Odenton, MD


Searching for any archived or private collection records that have documents, surveyors records, map or photos of Gott's Station on the Annapolis-Elk Ridge railroad. I'm writing a book on the Warfield's of Maryland and looking for information on the station/tavern located at what was from 1668 to 1858 known as the Black Horse Farm 7 1/2 miles from Annapolis on the rail line.

Also tried emailing address but it was kicked back undeliverable. If you are said "g" or know of a complete or new email address please reply. Appreciate any efforts and replies.

Robert Warfield
Howard County, MD


Much of the original wye at the original Annapolis Junction is still in place on the Vulcan Materials property east of the CSX/MARC main line between Maryland Rt. 32 and Brock Bridge Road. The south leg of the old wye is now the lead into the Vulcan yard siding, and the location of the north leg is still visible on the Google satellite overheads. From there to the east the old A&ER track is still in place, gradually disappearing into the weeds for several hundred yards, to where the newer Rt. 32 interchange with the Baltimore-Washington Parkway obliterates the old right of way. There's still track in Odenton that's in much better shape, due to remaining in service as a siding off the PRR/PC/Amtrak/MARC main line, west of and crossing Telegraph Road just south of Route 175. Just east of Telegraph Road that piece of track bends around where it was once the north leg of a wye that connected to the old Washington, Baltimore, & Annapolis interurban line. That line can also be seen where it crosses Rt. 175 just east of the Telegraph Road, heading north on the old WB&A alignment, then petering out behind a public storage warehouse. Further east, especially during the winter when the leaves are off the trees, there's a long fill embankment still visible south of Rt. 32 between the Millersville Road and Waterbury Road overpasses. That right of way is easily visible from both of those secondary roads because it's kept clear for power lines. In Annapolis it's still possible to see that the tracks ran where Defense Street is now west of Holly Avenue. At Holly Avenue, Defense Street shifts north leaving the old alignment vacant alongside West Street for a short stretch in front of the Double T Diner. Finally, there's a good hunk of the old right of way still open, from Admiral Drive along Poplar Avenue and Poplar Trail, then across Taylor Avenue and along Loew's Access Road to the back of the Anne Arundel County Social Services building at West Street and Calvert Street, which occupies the site of the old A&ER terminal depot.

Robert Nichols
Eden, MD


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