Annapolis to Bay Ridge

The Bay Ridge and Annapolis Railroad

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(Forwarded from the Annapolis, Washington & Baltimore Railroad)

This short railway line was built in 1886 by the Bay Ridge Company as the Bay Ridge and Annapolis Railroad. It connected the town of Annapolis proper with the company's resort area at Bay Ridge, a 4.5-mile journey. While passenger traffic was plentiful as tourists visited the resort, the line also carried freight cars to car ferry terminals in Bay Ridge that lined the Chesapeake Bay.

Ultimately, though, the BR&A lost money, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad purchased a majority ownership in the BR&A when they offered bonds in order to infuse capital. It was all for naught, however, as the Bay Ridge Company abandoned the line, and with it the Bay Ridge and Annapolis Railroad, in 1904.

Little-to-no evidence of the right-of-way exists today.

your route is incorrect - it entered west of Herndon and cross over about a third of the way down from Farragut - good try

Michael Foley
Annapolis, MD


The right of way is actually very visible if you know where to look. It started just east of the intersection east of Taylor Ave and the old Elk Ridge Railroad right-of-way running through what is now Park Place and straight down Amos Garrett Blvd and crosses Spa Creek. Here you find cut dug out where the track ran though what's now Truxton Park. There is a path/graded right-of-way, that runs behind the Spa Cove Apartments buildings, use to find coal along it. That path becomes Elliot Road. Trace the development break through the woods to Bay Ridge Road. Here development has erased the route until you get to space between Bay Forest CT. and Silverwood Cir. From here the route parallels Old Bay Ridge Rd. Then behind the houses on Mainsail Dr. where the grading is very clear. When it hits Anchorage Dr. it becomes Bay Ridge Rd. then bears off to parallel Herndon Ave.

Bill Williams
Annapolis, MD


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