The Amster Branch

Amster Junction to Amster, AZ

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 10148 9/18/1933 Section: 1
App. of Arizona Eastern RR. Co. and Southern Pacific Co., its lessee, for certificate to abandon that part of the Amster Branch between Amster Junction and Amster, a distance of 4.352 miles, in Gila County, Arizona.
Length: 4.352 miles Citation: 193 ICC 637

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This branch was built for the Eastern Arizona Railroad and finished in 1910. It basically connected the main line of the Eastern Arizona Globe division with the Superior and Boston Mine. Ore was taken from the Superior and Boston to the Old Dominion Smelter in Globe. The branch also connected up to the Arizona Commercial Copper Co. Railroad (built in 1906), which served the Grey, Iron Cap, and Black Hawk mines along with the town of Copper Hill. After 1910 it was possible to loop from the Old Dominion Mine/Smelter in Globe on the Amster Branch and return via A.C.C.Co. Railroad to where you started.

Chris Poole
Tucson, AZ