San Jose to Alum Rock Park

This short passenger operation connected the city of San Jose with Alum Rock Park, to its east. It began carrying passengers to and from the park in 1896, after several prior attempts failed, and was then known as the Alum Rock Railway.

In its final days, it was operated by the Peninsular Railway, a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The line was shuttered a couple of years after the stock market crash of 1929.

The link below goes into greater detail about the history of this operation and its routing.

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My grandfather told me about this line. According to him, a few remnants still remain. If you ask me, this line bears rebuilding by VTA light rail.

Andy Sammonds
San Jose, CA

Found old dump site as a kid,lots of old bottles from the train and other things,going back soon with metal detector.50 plus years later.

San jose, CA