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This was once a bridge over Ballona Creek; the view faces northeast, as seen in August 1978. Photo by Mike Palmer, August 1978.

This line, an extension of the Pacific Electric line from Culver Junction, was abandoned in the 1940s. It formed a wye at "Alla", a diamond interchange with another Pacific Electric line, The Inglewood Branch, and headed west, paralleling Culver Boulevard before reaching the beach at Playa del Ray. It then continued south along the Pacific Ocean to Redondo Beach, presumably along Vista Del Mar.

The south side abutment of the bridge over Ballona Creek remains. It is visible from the Ballona Creek Bike Path and is just west of the Culver Bl. bridge. Also, some of the structure of the Lincoln Bl. bridge remains as well, including a stairway from Lincoln up to the roadbed, presumably for a P.E. streetcar stop.

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