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The Abandoned ALCO Factory


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Greg Harrison

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Photo by Jimmy Summers.

Jimmy Summers writes: The company I used to work for had a facility that leased space in several buildings at the old American Locomotive (Alco) Works in Schenectady, NY. The plant (Twin Rivers) has since been sold to another company and I have moved on to another job (good luck Twin Rivers!). This was awesome for a railfan! I found old crosstie nails and plates, and I had old drawings from the Alco days in my files, along with some old files with letterhead paper. I took only a few pictures, and hoped to get more... but time moves on.

All pictures were taken in the summer of 1998.

Thanks to Jimmy Summers for contributing information about this route.

considering the age of the photos taken, have all the buildings been razed by now? Any monuments at the old site? any organized tours available? does city hall have more photos? are there films of any demolition? who or what occupies the property now?

Rochester , NY



Sadly yes. They just razed all of the buildings within the last two years. Price Chopper (another Schenectady born business) recently built their corporate headquarters on a portion of the site, and The Galesi Group (a Schenectady real estate developer) is eyeing a portion of the site for building a hotel and apartment complex

Clifton Park, NY


They should turn nthis into a alco museaum. I mean why put a hotel? This site/Whearhouse is a piece of American history. Steam trains were built here! This was all american made! You didnt see no made in china crap here!

Jared Hudson
Grove Hill, AL


This Is Where Nickel Plates First Order Of 2 8 4s Were Built This Sholud Be Made Into a ALCO Museum.

Joshua Lemler
Tippecanoe, IN


The City that lights and hauls the world!

Laurel Springs, NJ


Building 70 of this place was to become a ALCO Museum back in 2008-9 but because of the anti-tourism attitude of Schenectady, it did not happen. As a ALCO Historian, I have many photos of the outside and inside of many of the buildings.

Albany, NY


Is that where they made RS-3 locomotives?

Fred Mecury
Aulburn, NY


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